Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December Days

The days just flew by this month but they were filled with lots of memorable moments!

 December 1st Coco made his much anticipated appearance!

 The tree was purchased

Then decorated!

Jaida had a big project due.

Lulu added a little sass as usual.

Basketball games and tournaments were in full swing for Julia and Sam.

Jaida and Xin also started basketball at school.

Cakes for a Cause was in full swing.

Lulu adding a little more sass and cuteness

A little study break to look at Christmas lights

Exams for the Bigs occupied quite a chunk of time but alas...they are DONE!!!

Our candy countdown chain with only a few days left.

Lulu had a precious Christmas show at school where she played an angel.

Lulu also had her gymnastics show.

Jaida made the 100 Book Club by reading 3000 pages!!!

Xin had a big project too...aka Albert Einstein and the 4th grade wax museum day!

Pajama Day and Polar Express at school for Lulu.

The Bigs made their annual visit to my parents house for the weekend.
They had a wonderful time as usual!

 We got to enjoy special time with just the Littles.
We went out to dinner then home for ice cream sundaes and Christmas movies.

 We made some crafts

And reindeer cookies 

 We took them to see Alvin and the Chipmunks too.
And then hot chocolate at Waffle House.

 Monday morning we headed to the lake to pick up the Bigs and spent the day there, had lunch and enjoyed Christmas memories from the past.

Jaida's BFF who moved to Texas was in town and was able to come over to play and have dinner.

It was a month filled with wonderful!

And tomorrow is Christmas Eve!
I love this season and all it holds.
May your family have a very Merry Christmas filled with love!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This year my family rented a beautiful house in Cashiers NC for Thanksgiving.
All 16 of us for 4 days
8 adults and 8 children
We had lots of outdoor space for playing
Nice weather
Great hikes and walks
Football watching
And just enjoying the beautiful scenery and each other.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving getaway.
I am reminded in these times how very blessed I am.