Monday, May 15, 2017

A Few More Spring Things!

The First graders learned to play chess and then they had some fun tournaments against each other and then against some of the Upper School kids!
Look who Lulu got to play...Big brother!

Julia was invited to "Old South" weekend and had to borrow old prom dresses from my day because according to my sweet daughter "they look like those old fashion 1800's dresses" HA!

Just because these 2 furry friends always make me smile. Playing tug-o-war with poor Ducky!

Olympic Day at APDS is a super exciting time! The Lower School 1-4 graders compete in lots of different events and the points are added up to determine the winning team. Graciously they put all siblings on the SAME team! Whew!
The 4th graders take the competition quite seriously and the 1st graders...not so much!
SO much fun to watch!

 Jaida got selected to carry the Olympic flag.

Then I got to take my two favorite Olympians out to lunch at Waffle House!
3rd Place for Team Blue

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring Stuff

Finishing March off with the little girls doing Lower School cheerleading...

 Varsity soccer began for Sam

Lulu joined the 200 Book Club by reading 2000 pages!

Daddy-Daughter Dance at school.

 My beautiful girlies! Love these two precious gems!
Oh how this melts my heart! These two were soooo excited to attend this big night with their Daddy!

To wrap up the month of March the 4th grade presents World Fair.
They spend months researching and working on this big project.
The entire Lower School does a beautiful performance first then we are all invited into the gym to  "tour" all the different countries.
It is really top notch!

Spring Break was next up on the agenda.
We rent our house out for Masters...weeks of preparation leave me utterly wiped out!
We headed to the mountains....crazy cold and wind most days!
Will head to a warmer climate next year! Ha!
Enjoyed the time with my favorite people though...minus Julia! So sad! Her spring break was not the same time as the others. :(

 It was a cold rainy day so we went mining for gems. This was so fun! 

 Weird vortex "thingy"

 Told you it was cold!
 Took in a movie too during another cold rainy day.
 My parents joined us halfway through.
 Sam looking so happy and really enjoying his "spring" break.
 Poor baby didn't feel well...hence the throw up bucket in the car.

 Puzzles and cards!
 Yup! that is snow!


Julia was finally cleared to play soccer again after a year so Will and I drove up to watch one of her spring games. It was very emotional. And so fun to watch my baby do what she loves again!

Xin's Forever Family Day #7! WOW!

Lulu turned 7! My baby!!!Blows my mind she is this old!

 I got to celebrate with her in her classroom too!

And the CRAZY kids decided it was time to swim in the pool!
On to May... end of the school year and all that holds.
Looking forward to summer....