Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year Halloween was a little different as we missed Julia.
And Sam had plans.
But we still did all the things we love to do on this oh so fun day!

Our go to local Pumpkin Patch was not open this year so sadly we had to find a new place. And we were minus the Bigs. Made my heart hurt.

  The kids team up-Julia's to the left went solo and Xin and Jaida to the right. They did this entirely by themselves!
Sam and Lulu's work of art complete with slimy boogers coming out of the nose!

 Julia came home to join us and brought a friend for dinner. Love that this tradition means something to her!

  The Upper School has a contest between the grades. Each grade decorates their hallway and dresses accordingly. This year the Freshman did a jungle theme, It was really good!

The Middle and Lower schools have a parade  through the campus and even up into the Upper School halls. Lulu said "All the people "knowed" me. GuGu's friends and Sissy's friends. They all kept calling my name." Said with eyes rolling and as if she was a bit bothered by all the attention and "fame" ! HA!!!

The Lower School then has a carnival with games, cake walk, food, prizes, face painting and hay rides. 

The big night arrived and a mermaid princess, hotdog and "cute" witch filled their buckets with oodles of sugared treats. (While sweating in the 80 plus degrees)

 Sorting through and trading their loot.
And thats a wrap on Halloween!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Waco, Texas and time with my favorite 10 year old girl!

A few weeks ago Jaida and I took a little girls trip to Waco, Texas.
Why Waco?
Because our favorite show on HGTV is Fixer Upper,
They have Magnolia Market at the Silos there.
It really is a cool place!
We had the best time...just me and my girly!

We stopped by the Masons house. These sweet friends were in our adoption group. Nadia and Jaida were both 9 months old way back then!

This place is an empire!

 We toured around Waco and saw many of the cool sights.
We ate several delicious meals at funky little restaurants, we painted each others nails and we talked and talked and talked!
Love this little girl and loved our special weekend!