Saturday, September 26, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Homecoming was last weekend and all 5 of my kids got to participate.
This will be the only time this happens seeing that we have quite an age gap between the youngest and the oldest.
It was one of those moments us moms savor and hold in our hearts!
It was such a great night!

They start the day off with an All-School Picnic.
Upper school, middle school and lower school kids are all mixed together in groups.
The faculty grill hamburgers and hotdogs and the kids eat together, play games and then have a big pep rally in the gym.

 Senior Shirts
 Off they go...everybody was so excited!!!

Julia was elected to the Homecoming Court.

Everybody was ready for the game!

The boys play football for the school so they get to run out with the Varsity players at the start of the game.
The girls participated in the Littlest Cheerleaders and cheered with the Varsity Cheerleaders.

All ready for the big night!
 There goes Sam!

And there goes Xin!

Halftime and the Homecoming Court 2015

Cheering for the Cavaliers!

 They did such a great job and had so much fun!!!
Lulu shook those little hips and kept right up!
And we finished the night with a BIG victory!!!
Can't imagine doing anything else then enjoying life with these 5 little people!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

There's something about this picture...

I know I have posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook and even on this blog.
But there is something about this picture that melts my heart.
It haunts me.....a good haunting.
It is quite simple really.
The name.
This little boy who once had no "family name" has one now.
It is proudly displayed on his back.
He belongs to us.
He belongs to a family.
And with a family comes life.
A life far different then the one he had the first 4 years.
While the 6 of us stood on the sidelines cheering him on, I had tears in my eyes.
Just a regular little boy playing football on a Friday night.
The hard beginning left far behind on the other side of the world.
God continues to remind me how He has blessed us through adoption.
This time simply... by a name on the back of a jersey.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day Week...yes week

The boys started the weekend off with a UGA game in Athens!
Had a great time despite 2 lightening holds!

The girls and I headed to Peachtree City for a big soccer tournament.

Hotels are always fun!

LOTS of soccer was played.
5 games in 3 days!
HEAT, injuries, sickness, no subs and a teammate off to the hospital in an ambulance did not make for the best conditions!

But these awesome girls made it to the finals!
And Julia had a fantastic tournament!!!

 Little sisters cheering on Big sisters!

The Arsenal Gunners U-19 girls are the champions!!!
So so proud of these girls!!!
A BIG tournament to win!

We made it home in time to have dinner together and a little swim!

Then the school week began with Sam heading off to his 8th grade retreat in Greenville SC

Picture Day for Lulu and Xin and Jaida

Lulu had gymnastics

Then came Julia's Senior speech.
Every  Senior must do a speech in front of the entire school in order to graduate!
She did an amazing job!
On her favorite subject...China!

So glad to have that over with and so proud of her so a little celebration was in order!

Next the Little Cavs played at half time of the Varsity game Friday night and the MS Cavs were there on the field to support all the guys!

 My handsome football fellas!!!
 Xin said he felt like a King running out on field with all the people cheering!

 A great and busy week!
Love this big crazy family of mine!
Next week...Homecoming!