Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Now September

Well, August came in and rolled right on through.
Everybody adjusted into a new school schedule and practice schedule.
A few highlights for the month of August:

 Julia started her last club soccer season with a tournament in Athens with some VERY early morning games.
 We were able to stay at my parents so it made it little more fun and with a MUCH prettier view!

Sam also began his football season with a scrimmage game in Atlanta that same weekend.

The Littles picnicking under the tent and cheering big sister on in the Finals.

U-19 Athens United Invitational Champions!

Jaida and Xin enjoying a spirit day at their new school and loving being Cavaliers!

Xin also began football as a baby Cavalier. He is enjoying it!
Jaida began cheerleading  but I have yet to get a picture.
And miss Lulu started gymnastics back up.

Julia went on her Senior retreat and had a blast swimming in 50 degree water, kayaking, white water rafting, campfires, games and time spent with classmates.

Sam had his first real game against a REALLY big team and where as they didn't fair too well, the boys never gave up and the coaches were proud of their effort and spirit. There were definitely some great moments in the game. I was so proud of Sam! He is the kicker, punter, fullback and defensive end.
I have to say, I was a nervous wreck!
First time as a football mom...
 Every time there was a play or a pile-up I searched for #25 to see if he was moving or getting up.
I did end up loving it and watching my not so little anymore boy play!

A great start to the new school year all in all.
And I am enjoying my few hours of freedom each day!
Boy do they go fast!
Bring on September and some of that all too elusive cooler weather!

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