Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School '16-'17

Back to School
No more lazy days
No more sleeping late and staying up late
No more carefree days...
Instead, there are alarm clocks
Papers to sign...oh the papers to sign
Driving to school 4 times a day..ugh
Lunches to pack
And a quiet house...
Julia is off to college, Sam is in high school-9th grade, Xin 5th grade (middle school at our school) Jaida is in 4th grade and Miss Lulu is in 1st grade.
That leaves me home alone from 7:45 to 2:45.
It has been 18 years since I have had this kind of time.
I have had a child/children home all day or part of a day or every other day for the last 18 years!
Everybody is happy!
Even this old mom. Well, one day I might, just maybe, have shed a few tears.
It was just too quiet. And the dogs aren't great conversationalists.
But I have adjusted. Just like everyone else.
And ya know what?
7 hours goes by REALLY fast!!!
Happy School year my precious kiddos!
I love you and wish you a fantastic year!

 My High School and Middle School boys
 My Lower School girlies
 Awww...minus 1
 5th Grade
 9th Grade
 4th Grade
 1st Grade
And my sweet College Freshman remembered to send me a first day of classes picture!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A member of the club...

Well, yesterday I became a member of a club.
"Your Child has left the Nest" Club.
Oh my.
The range of emotions that go with this club is unbelievable.
Joy, pride, excitement, sadness, emptiness, nervousness, have I done my job-ness, shock,  disbelief...
And each of these are felt at full strength
Can I renounce my membership?
I want my little girl back.
I want to see her blond hair move through the house.
I want to hear her laugh.
I want to hear her call "Mom?"
I want to see her car in the garage.
The truth is, my little girl "left" long ago.
In her place is now a beautiful young woman ready to spread her wings.
So, I am stuck with my membership.
Like it or not.
Oh how I miss my girl!

All her stuff, minus hanging clothes, ready to go

 The very plain, very SMALL room when we got there

 The "circus" came  to "help" :)

 Getting there...

 The very dull bathroom we tried to spruce up
 No closet doors!!! YIKES
 Julia and her roommate Mallory
 We didn't have time to hang all the cute stuff as they had a team meeting

There were LOTS of leaky eyes on the ride home without their big sister.

So part of my heart is now at Presbyterian College.
And suddenly, 18 years seems REALLY short and just isn't enough time.
So Mamas, hang onto your little ones because what they say is true.
It goes so very fast.

Monday, August 1, 2016

One last beach trip...

We headed to the beach one last time for the summer.
Julia goes off the 10th of August.
The rest go back to school the 16th.
More great memories to hold!

 Celebrated 9 years with this little love!

Sam's best buddy was there too!
 Soccer playing
YES!!!! This is Julia "playing" soccer. Her knee is doing miraculously well and she can now kick and pass and juggle. Makes me smile big!!!! And her too!

Ahhhhh...sweet summer! And family time. Love these 6 people!