Monday, December 4, 2017

November 2017

November is the thankful month.
November reminds us of what we should be grateful for.
Small things and big things.
Some things that I was thankful for this November and some things that added to my heart with memories  I will always hold dear:

I actually attended a UGA game. 
It had been about 10 years since I have been.
Had a great time with these loves of mine!

 Celebrated My Dad's birthday

A team went to our beloved Chenzhou CWI and these are pictures of our precious Lucy.
We sent her some outfits.
And while the team was there...Lucy got matched with a family!!!
And her forever Mommy just happens to be a woman who has prayed for this place for years and is a friend of our team leader!
We are so happy this precious little girl is going to a loving Christian family that has two kids!
Our prayers were answered!
Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Julia and I started logging some longer miles.
We got to do a long run together...always better!

Grandparents Day at school

 Off to the mountains for Thanksgiving!

A wonderful few days up in the mountains of NC with all my favorite people in the world!
 Scavenger hunt. Boys against girls.

 The place we gathered the most.
Yes we ate ALL THE TIME!

 Another fun game of "who am I"?

 More eating and cooking

 Croquet at its finest 

 Hot tubbing!



Then it was a mad dash home to get the tree and decorate it before Julia had to head back to school for a few weeks and exam time  :(
 Goof balls

My favorite holiday of Thanksgiving came to an end but on to the wonderful and magical Christmas season and the month of December!