Tuesday, October 31, 2017

September 2017

In many places September brings cooler temps and fall-like activities. 
In the deep south we keep sweating through the month of September and really it still feels like summer except for the fact that school is back in full swing.
Here is what our month looked like.

Friday night football.
Sam was captain for this game

Julia's team had some soccer games in Charleston.


Lulu was a Littlest Cheerleader and loved cheering for her big brother.

Sam spent the night with Julia and experienced college life.
He said he isn't ready to do that yet. :)

Julia was FINALLY cleared to play and she said she got so emotional when she walked into the locker room and saw this!

Her sweet roommate made this sign and many of her friends were there cheering her on.

Sam and Will made the trip up north to the UGA vs Notre Dame game and then the Falcons vs Bears game. They had an amazing whirlwind football weekend!

Rush at PC.

Cross country meets for Jaida and Xin. HOT running days!

Our Jaida Ruth turned 11!
Gosh do we love this girl of ours!!!
She is beautiful, smart, funny, creative, kind, mature, loving and much adored!
 Sissy gave her a PC hat!

Next up...October!
Maybe some cooler temps?????

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer Wrap up

Summer flew by.
It gets harder and harder to keep up here and I have thought of stopping but my kids don't want me to because they love reading it and looking back on all that went on in their lives.
Alas, I will do anything for my kids.  :)

Jaida's friends came for some girl time

 4th of July at the lake!

 From the lake straight to the beach where Julia's BFF from birth was able to join us!

Home to celebrate my beautiful first born and her 19th birthday.
Where did the years go?

We also celebrated this sweet baby, Lucy, by sending her a birthday party at the orphanage.
Praying this child gets a family.
This was Sam's baby he loved so much this June trip.

Back to the beach and celebrating 10 years with our sweet and adored Jaida Ruth!
We love you with all our hearts Jaida!

Unfortunately Julia had to have surgery #3 to repair a torn meniscus.
God gave me a promise during this. The number 3 is perfect, complete, finished.
Trusting Him and believing His promise that her knee is now perfectly healed and we are done and she can go to play the game she loves so very much. Thank you Jesus for your finished work!

Football season started before school began and my #50 is doing a great job! Playing offense and defense this year is hard work! So proud of this kid and the hard work he put in over the past year.

School year is underway with a 10th, 6th, 5th and 2nd graders.

Julia's class of girls (sophomores) and her individual roster picture.

Had an amazing reunion with my high school friends. I love these ladies and I love the faith they have and how they all encourage!

Julia had a day off from preseason and surprised the Fam by coming home. Love having all my Loves in one place!

Eclipse watching.
Thats the PC women soccer team gathered together for the "big event'

I have 2 cross country runners now. First meet and they did great!
Now lets see if I can do a better job of keeping up with all the goings ons!