Friday, March 9, 2018

January and February 2018

The start of a new year...

Just some left over cuteness

Time for the BIG GAME!

Go Dawgs!
My  gosh that was emotional in my house as there are some SERIOUS UGA fans!!!

Winter Middle School dance

Jaida played Lower School basketball

 It was time to say goodbye to Julia's first car...onto a safer model.

 Xin played Middle School basketball

Julia ran her first Half Marathon and did fantastic!!!

 Celebrated Forever Family Day #6 with this sweet little love!
Just one of the reasons I love her and she makes me smile...daily I find her furry friends placed in different places around the house. She usually says she puts them where they are found because they are waiting for her to get home and play with them.  :)

Next up was Xin's 12th birthday!!
We celebrated as a family and then had some boys over to celebrate too.
This child of mine is growing into such an amazing young man. He is kind, responsible, tries his best with everything and is a great friend to all. Love you Buddy!!!

Then came Sam's 16th birthday!!!
We celebrated by surprising him with a trip to Atlanta for the weekend and he and Julia went to a concert while us old people enjoyed dinner out with my dear friend Elaine.
I can't believe my little boy is a man child now! Sam is an awesome kid who makes parenting a breeze. So proud of this kid of mine and all that he represents. Love you Campy!

My parents watched the Littles and they too had a great time!

Valentines Day came up next and while we were missing 2 of our 7 family members we sent long distance love to them!

Soccer season began for Sam at his new school.

Julia has an internship this semester,  also has an art class where she really impressed me with her drawing, and attended a Chinese New Year celebration with her Chinese class.

Lulu joined the 100 book club by reading 2000 pages!

Winter break happened with crazy warm temps!

Then came my "29th" birthday...again!  :)
My people took good care of me!

Bring on Spring and all the promises of new it holds!!!!


  1. hi mom love you so much I am having a great day at school today love you

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