Monday, February 9, 2015

A New Teen in the House!

Sam turned THIRTEEN on Feb. 5
My baby boy.
Who is almost as tall as me now
He became a teenager just like that
It happened so fast
How could it be
Feb 5th was filled with food, decorated lockers, more food, gifts, dinner out and a little singing.

 Breakfast surprise

 Notice Little Miss...right in there but getting a little tired. HA!


We got him GOOD!
He thought we were having a pizza party on Saturday at a local pizza place.
With the help of his friend, we SURPRISED him at our house Friday night!
Couldn't believe EVERYONE kept it a secret!
After he got over the BIG surprise, we played a "scavenger hunt" type game throughout the neighborhood where 5 teams had 12 challenges to complete.
I had 6 high school girls help me "chaperone" the 27 middle schoolers
And then of course the 3 Littles inserted themselves where "necessary"
It was FABULOUS fun!


 Some of my "mature" chaperones

 The party goers!

Seems like a long way from this....

Yet seems like yesterday.......
Happy 13th Birthday Sam!
We love you and are so very blessed by you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday Xin

February 1st Xin turned 9
Now he has had more birthdays with us than without!
We were all together and enjoyed Birthday pancakes and hot chocolate , presents, lunch out-his choice, cake and singing, and then there was this little football game that just happened to fall on his birthday this year.
We had fun eating and choosing sides, watching the commercials and the half time show and cheering on our team of choice.
Three of us were happy with the outcome :)
It was a great day celebrating Xin and his 9 years of life!
We love you buddy!
Happy 9th Birthday kiddo!

And I got to have lunch with Xin at school Monday and we shared cupcakes with his class. 
Thanks for the great date Xin!