Monday, February 9, 2015

A New Teen in the House!

Sam turned THIRTEEN on Feb. 5
My baby boy.
Who is almost as tall as me now
He became a teenager just like that
It happened so fast
How could it be
Feb 5th was filled with food, decorated lockers, more food, gifts, dinner out and a little singing.

 Breakfast surprise

 Notice Little Miss...right in there but getting a little tired. HA!


We got him GOOD!
He thought we were having a pizza party on Saturday at a local pizza place.
With the help of his friend, we SURPRISED him at our house Friday night!
Couldn't believe EVERYONE kept it a secret!
After he got over the BIG surprise, we played a "scavenger hunt" type game throughout the neighborhood where 5 teams had 12 challenges to complete.
I had 6 high school girls help me "chaperone" the 27 middle schoolers
And then of course the 3 Littles inserted themselves where "necessary"
It was FABULOUS fun!


 Some of my "mature" chaperones

 The party goers!

Seems like a long way from this....

Yet seems like yesterday.......
Happy 13th Birthday Sam!
We love you and are so very blessed by you!

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