Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Catch up 2017!

Lulu's First grade class did a study on penguins and an adorable little skit!

 Littlest Cavalier Basketball
JV Basketball

 Celebrated 5 years with this precious little one in our arms!
Forever Family Day #5 family photo....missing Sissy
We love and adore you Lulu!!!!!!!


Celebrated Xin's 11th Birthday!!!
Wow! Can't believe this kid is 11?!?!?
He has matured so much over this past year and done so very well in the big step up to middle school and the 5th grade!
Love you bunches and bunches Xin!!!

Celebrated Sam turning 15!!!!
Love this kid immensely! 
Started high school this year and made the transition look easy!
Super Bowl fell on his special day again so we had a built in party!
Unfortunately our team disappointed!!!

Family Day at Prep.
This means a half day of school and no practices!
The Littles and I celebrated this warm Feb day with a picnic and stroll along the river followed by ice cream!

Jaida made the 100 Book Club by reading 4000 pages!!!

Celebrating Valentines Day!

Sam got his Learner's Permit!
Oh my!!! Another driver in the house!!!

The little girls were part of The Littlest Cheerleaders and performed a cheer and dance at our school Spaghetti Supper Fund Raiser.

Will and I celebrated 20 years of marriage by getting away for the weekend to Asheville...documented by the lovely selfies!!! Ha!

After 11 months Julia got cleared completely to play soccer again...contact and all. A long road that proved His goodness countless times!
Go Bluehose! Go Julia!

 I might have had another birthday

Xin started baseball on the APDS middle school team.
So proud of this kid for trying all kinds of new things this year.
And he is a team captain!

Spring is upon us....enjoy all the beauty this season holds!