Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Decor

I don't like the late Thanksgiving date this year.
Totally messed me up.
Feel a little short changed on time.
I did manage to get my decorations up that first week in December after returning from Ohio.
However this post is now being written in the 3rd week of December.
I do LOVE all the decor this time of year as it makes our home feel quite cozy!
I must admit though, I put it all up quite reluctantly this year because I felt so rushed.
Now that it is up.....I am so glad I did it!


My Dad made this Santa for me years ago and I just love it!
He greets all our guests.

I love decorating with natural elements. They are so simple yet pretty.

Lots of fresh pine snipped right from my yard and the local tree farm who gladly gave me the scraps from the bottoms of the trees.

However, because I still have quite a gaggle of young kids, they insist I put up the character-type decorations. Most hold some sort of  special memory for me too, so up they go as well.

 Coco our elf invaded the candy bowl that night!

 No home is complete without Frosty offering up some Charmin.

Years ago I bought this manager scene from my favorite potter. I love it as it is so unique.

I began a silver bell collection when each child entered into our lives. They will take these with them when they graduate from college and move into a place of their own. With 5 children the collection has become quite LARGE... and HEAVY, as witnessed when the tree fell over after all above mentioned bells were finally placed on the tree. 
I found a safer home for them on a ledge at the top of our stairs.

This sweet little tree was my grandmother's. I sent it to her a few years before she passed away. I look at it and remember all the years she touched my life.

We have quite a collection of bulbs. I wanted to use them to make a statement. I bought this copper boot tray at Target a few years ago and it was just perfect! Add a few battery-operated lights, and a centerpiece we have!

The leftovers went in a bowl on the coffee table.

Our bar area gets a festive makeover too. Will and I made these little cork Christmas trees years ago.

Our candy countdown chain. Each night a "packet" is opened and dispersed amongst the 5 kids.

At the top of the stairs is the "library" or basically a large bookshelf. I put a little sofa up there to encourage reading. During holidays I put holiday books in a big basket. The kids love to pull them out and go through them over and over again.

Years ago we started collecting the Lego Christmas pieces that make up the Christmas Village. It has become quite extensive so Sam sets it up upstairs. We put little battery-operated candles behind each building and it looks like fire flickering.
I want to live in Lego Christmas Village!

And this is where the Big Man in the red suit will deliver his gifts next week!

May your festively decorated homes bring you a cozy, happy feeling this Christmas season and may a smile grace your face and warm your heart as you too remember loved ones, special ornaments, photos, stockings and traditions that lend to the magic of this season. And may you be blessed most of all by His presence in your homes. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We made the LOOOOONG trek to Ohio this year for Thanksgiving.
My sister hosted all 16 of us for the week.
Bless her!
She had 25 for dinner!
We had LOADS of fun!
Amazing food! I gained 10 lbs!
Outdoor the bitter cold mind you.
Fire Pit
And tears when we all departed.
Depression set in as we crammed into the van and headed south.
It was a fantastic week!

Fire pit and deep frying some wings

 While the boys played some hoops, the girls were cooking away.

A little football watching

Charades..boys vs girls

Our wonderful hosts for the week!

She cooked nonstop in this cute little kitchen.

My girlie girl decided to try boxing with her cousin...lasted about 6 seconds!

All 16 of us...some kind of crazy!

 Marshmallow  building contest

 Toilet paper fashion contest

 The cousins!

A walk in the frigid temps to try to burn off some of the food we consumed!

This was a path/obstacle course through the woods along the Ohio River. 

The cousins... minus Sam who chose to skip the freezing obstacle course and opt for a matinee with popcorn!
Readying to leave by stuffing the van with all this plus 7 people.
Made for a real fun and comfy ride home.
Good times!
So many wonderful memories!