Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We made the LOOOOONG trek to Ohio this year for Thanksgiving.
My sister hosted all 16 of us for the week.
Bless her!
She had 25 for dinner!
We had LOADS of fun!
Amazing food! I gained 10 lbs!
Outdoor the bitter cold mind you.
Fire Pit
And tears when we all departed.
Depression set in as we crammed into the van and headed south.
It was a fantastic week!

Fire pit and deep frying some wings

 While the boys played some hoops, the girls were cooking away.

A little football watching

Charades..boys vs girls

Our wonderful hosts for the week!

She cooked nonstop in this cute little kitchen.

My girlie girl decided to try boxing with her cousin...lasted about 6 seconds!

All 16 of us...some kind of crazy!

 Marshmallow  building contest

 Toilet paper fashion contest

 The cousins!

A walk in the frigid temps to try to burn off some of the food we consumed!

This was a path/obstacle course through the woods along the Ohio River. 

The cousins... minus Sam who chose to skip the freezing obstacle course and opt for a matinee with popcorn!
Readying to leave by stuffing the van with all this plus 7 people.
Made for a real fun and comfy ride home.
Good times!
So many wonderful memories!

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