Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours........

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh my sweet Lulu.......

Lulu is quite the character. And Lulu plays very well by herself...imaginary friends with dialogue and all. It is quite entertaining to listen to. Today as I was putting tonite's dinner in the crock pot she was playing with the Fisher Price Little People. We have the van and when a button is pushed in the baby seat a baby "cries". She pushed the button and said, "Mommy did you hear that? Did you hear that baby cry?" To which I replied, "I sure did. Poor baby." She then proceeds to tell me this:

"Mommy that baby cry cause she live in Beijing. She need a family. We need to get her cause we no have any babies. I a sister now not a baby and she need a sister. Mommy, we need go get her. She so sad she not have a family. I have a family right Mommy? Mommy, you hear her cry? We need go get her now! What she name Mommy? We so sad too cause we have to wait long time for her and we no have any baby now."

Oh my

To which I replied: "Yes, sweetheart you do have a family forever and ever and 2 sisters and 2 brothers and a Mommy and a Daddy. Do you like your family?"

Lulu: "All peoples need family or they so sad. She in Beijing and we need go get her Mommy! That baby need sisters and brothers and Mommy and Daddy. We need go get her or she be so sad. I be her sister and Sissy and Mei Mei too. And Gu Gu and Xin be the brothers and you be the Mommy and Daddy be she Daddy."

Oh my...what goes on in that precious little head of hers? Makes me teary and hurts my heart. How I wish I could give all the babies a family sweet Lulu! Sigh...............

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Holiday Season

It is that time of year! How can it be? Weren't we just in costumes knocking on doors begging for candy???? Thanksgiving came and went. My favorite holiday. It is just so simple. Eating, thankful hearts and people you love. What could be better than that? Then Christmas comes fast on the heels of that simple holiday with all it's glitz. I feel like we as Americans rush through that simple lovely holiday to get to the next...we even had stores open Thursday, Thanksgiving day, this year! REALLY???? Weren't we supposed to be giving thanks for what we have instead of out shopping for more of what we really don't need? I tried hard to hold on to that 4 day weekend but alas with Thanksgiving being so late this year, I had to jump right into the hoopla. And I wasn't really in "the mood" if you want to know the truth. I drug all the boxes and bags out of the attic Saturday and began the decorating while removing any traces of fall decor still up. I was hoping that getting our favorite things up would lighten my mood. I just wasn't ready to dive in full force to all the Christmas "stuff" we have on our list. I was still eating turkey and gravy leftovers for crying out loud! I managed to get it all up. Then Sunday we rushed out to get a tree and decorate it as a family as it was THE ONLY DAY we all had together over the next few weeks....crazy!

So now my house is adorned in all its Christmas finery. We have begun our traditions..the candy countdown chain, the advent calendar, Coco the elf has returned, the lights are twinkling, the candles are lit and the house smells wonderful, we are reading all of our favorite Christmas stories, the shopping is in full force, the parties, the events, and yes, the sports that stop for nothing. I do feel more festive. And I do like the way it looks and makes me feel when it is all up.I love looking at the "stuff" and all the memories it brings to mind. But I truly long for simplicity. Stillness. Reflection on the meaning of this great day. More family time, less distraction. I know I sound like a scrooge. But life is so chaotic and busy through out the year. Why do we add more to that during this time? Why don't we slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures? Sometimes I wish I were Laura Ingalls. Now that was a simple Christmas!

We had Thanksgiving at my brother's house this year in Atlanta

My Family

Our Thankful Tree Nov 1st

And our Thankful Tree at the end of the month! LOVE this tradition and each year I remove it all and put them in a bag labeled with the year. Maybe one day someone will go back and read them and reminisce and feel very blessed!

On to the next set of decorations......

 All my little elves

Lulu's unique style of decorating..."the clump"

All my "gifts"...crazy bunch that makes my heart smile!