Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh my sweet Lulu.......

Lulu is quite the character. And Lulu plays very well by herself...imaginary friends with dialogue and all. It is quite entertaining to listen to. Today as I was putting tonite's dinner in the crock pot she was playing with the Fisher Price Little People. We have the van and when a button is pushed in the baby seat a baby "cries". She pushed the button and said, "Mommy did you hear that? Did you hear that baby cry?" To which I replied, "I sure did. Poor baby." She then proceeds to tell me this:

"Mommy that baby cry cause she live in Beijing. She need a family. We need to get her cause we no have any babies. I a sister now not a baby and she need a sister. Mommy, we need go get her. She so sad she not have a family. I have a family right Mommy? Mommy, you hear her cry? We need go get her now! What she name Mommy? We so sad too cause we have to wait long time for her and we no have any baby now."

Oh my

To which I replied: "Yes, sweetheart you do have a family forever and ever and 2 sisters and 2 brothers and a Mommy and a Daddy. Do you like your family?"

Lulu: "All peoples need family or they so sad. She in Beijing and we need go get her Mommy! That baby need sisters and brothers and Mommy and Daddy. We need go get her or she be so sad. I be her sister and Sissy and Mei Mei too. And Gu Gu and Xin be the brothers and you be the Mommy and Daddy be she Daddy."

Oh my...what goes on in that precious little head of hers? Makes me teary and hurts my heart. How I wish I could give all the babies a family sweet Lulu! Sigh...............

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