Sunday, March 8, 2015


WARNING! Brag post. 
Well, it is my blog and it is my family's yearbook so documenting the good and bad go on here.
First up is Sam.
Sam finished his first year of middle school basketball just a few weeks ago.
This was only his second year of playing basketball.
He was awarded the Cavalier Award.
The coach said,"Sam is the type of player any coach would want on their team."
Way to go buddy! So VERY proud of you!

Sam's team receiving their certificates for participation

My "little" boy who is almost as tall as the coach! Certainly helps in basketball!!

All the winter sports award winners.

 SO proud of you Sam!!!!

Next up is Julia.
Julia was inducted into FLAIR which is a foreign language honor society for our entire region.
Spanish is her language.

These are the inductees from her school.

Julia's basketball season ended last week with a very quick transition into soccer!
Her team made it to the state playoffs this year which was one of their goals for the season.

The JV  girls receiving participation certificates and the Varsity team their  letters.

Julia won All-Region player for 4AAA region.
She also won Player of the Year for her Varsity team.
So proud of you Jules! 

All the winter sports award winners.

Two of her teammates-Tori won the Coaches Award and Jamie won the 6th Man Award.

Love my kiddos and how hard they work in ALL that they do!

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