Sunday, March 15, 2015

Prom 2015

Prom was last Saturday March 7, 2015
Yes, a very early prom
Lots of pretty dead trees and brown grass as backgrounds for photos
But these kiddos made it all look fabulous!
Nobody warned me that I might cry....
Now, I know about Senior day and graduation and dropping them off at college, but nobody mentioned tears being shed at Junior prom???
My first baby just looked so beautiful and just so darn grown up.
How did that happen?
They had a fabulous time and it was so fun to see them all dressed up!

She was just this size! Practicing cartwheels in the yard and driving the Barbie jeep!

Notice the small pop of color? No, not flowers, a pink umbrella in the driveway where the little girls were playing :)

Julia went with her good friend Jimmy

The thing is, these girls stepped off the soccer field just a few hours before! Quite a transformation!!!
Love that they can be strong, athletic AND beautiful!

This is a great group of kids!!!

Jaida begged us to let her come to the picture taking location. She just loves observing all the big girls. Julia was happy to oblige. 

I love this daughter of mine who has become a young lady right before my eyes. It is exciting... and teary, to step into these next stages of life with her. You looked beautiful sweetheart!
I love you Julia Irene!!!


  1. Amy so sweet. Loved these pics...made me cry and made my day!!! Love and miss you and your sweet kiddos

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  3. Loved pic of all the kids....showed they were all so excited for her. Seems like Jaida will be a designer and God created her w that gift! I'm guessing she loved the glitz and glamour! 😍😍