Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break 2015-Europe part 1

Will and I decided to celebrate turning the big five-O even though I still don't like that number!
Each year we rent our house out for the week of Masters.
We usually do VERY practical things with the money.
This year we decided to do something fun in of honor that "number"
We took the family to Europe to meet up with our great friends!
Yes, the Grizwalds went to Europe...just think Chevy Chase and European Vacation.
It was great fun with with great friends and amazing memories made in some beautiful locations!
I will post waaaaayyy too many photos because it is just too hard to choose and I want my kids to look back at this and remember the wonderful time we had!

We flew into Munich, met our friends there, and drove through Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and into the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia where we rented a house for the week. 

 Stuffed in the van for the drive to Atlanta

 The Grizwalds unloading

 Just a castle on a hill in the snow-covered Alps on the drive to Croatia
Our welcome Easter basket in the home we rented. The owner's Grandmother made the loaf of Easter bread for us! The Croatian people were incredibly nice!!!
And the Easter Bunny came to Croatia and brought everybody a bag filled with goodies and hidden eggs that contained 5 Euro and a message that said they got to visit the HiWire Ropes Course.
So off we went to the course where everyone had fun on this COLD blustery day!

 Jaida, my more unadventurous child, did SO well and mastered the yellow course! Go Girlfriend!
So proud!
 Julia completed the entire black course which included unicycling and skateboarding on a wire! 
Great job Jules!!!
 Xin gave it a great try and finished through the yellow but preferred staying on the ground.
 Sam did almost all of the black course! Awesome buddy!!
 Beautiful place!
 An area for those who are just a tad too little to go...although she wanted to!

 Sam on the ultra long zip line

 More shots of the place..zip lining over goats and chickens! HA!
 Julia on the last part of the black course

 The swing...oh my! They pull you up and drop you!
 Julia opted out the second time and Sam and Bailey went again!
After all that climbing everyone was hungry so we found an AMAZING pizza place and met the nicest people there!

We ended the day with a hot chocolate here.
Labin Croatia

Day 2

We explored a cave in the area.
 There are several in the region and then went to a wine festival.
FREEZING that day too...snow at the end of the day!

 Descending into cave

 It was a beautiful place with lots of space and interesting sculptures and pretty landscaping.
She also sold us some homemade wine!

The wine festival was recommended to us by a local.
Croatia is famous for wine, olives and olive oil, and truffles.

 You pay the equivalent of $5 US dollars and they give you a glass(hanging in sack around our necks) to taste the local wines.

They had a lot of good local foods in stands and candy the kids purchased.
Fun day.

Day 3
We went to the southern most tip of the Istrian peninsula to a coastal city called Pula.
There we visited the ruins of a Roman arena.

 This is where the gladiators came out

 Our group of 12

 This area is also known for its seafood. We braved the local cuisine for lunch.
 Had a coffee in the square while the kids played.

 A famous arch I can't remember the name of :(

 Being silly
 The coastal section.
 We found tons of sea glass here and Xin found a super old coin!

We finished the night at a local restaurant.

More to come......

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