Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Lulu!

Our little Lulu turned 5 April 19th!
Our baby is growing up!
We adore this little spitfire who keeps us on our toes!
So blessed to go through this life as her mother and to celebrate the day she entered this world!
Happy 5th Birthday Louisa Margaret!

 We stopped by my parents on the way home from the airport and had a little cake with them.

Our tradition of Birthday Pancakes continues

On to the gifts!

Her new Frozen nightgown. All Princess!!!

And every 5 year old girl must have a Palace Pets Salon!

Off to the movies we went to see Paddington

 Home for dinner of her choice...chicken nuggets, fries and Caesar salad
And finally time for cake!

She smiled ALL DAY!!!!!
At school we brought donuts for the class and her teacher makes crowns and goodie bags
A Fabulous 5th Birthday!!!!!

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