Wednesday, September 16, 2015

There's something about this picture...

I know I have posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook and even on this blog.
But there is something about this picture that melts my heart.
It haunts me.....a good haunting.
It is quite simple really.
The name.
This little boy who once had no "family name" has one now.
It is proudly displayed on his back.
He belongs to us.
He belongs to a family.
And with a family comes life.
A life far different then the one he had the first 4 years.
While the 6 of us stood on the sidelines cheering him on, I had tears in my eyes.
Just a regular little boy playing football on a Friday night.
The hard beginning left far behind on the other side of the world.
God continues to remind me how He has blessed us through adoption.
This time simply... by a name on the back of a jersey.

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