Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When we first got Jaida I worried that she might have some speech and language delays-I worry no more! We all joke that she never, I mean NEVER, stops talking. Here is a sample that took place in the car this afternoon on the way to take Julia to soccer ( we opted for a more in depth training this year vs. the 1 mile down the road YMCA league-not sure why but we will try it) It was thundering and lightening as we proceeded to drive the 20 minutes to practice and it began to rain.... Jaida.... "Why it rain Mama? I don't know honey, I guess God thought the trees were thirsty. What thirsty mean Mama? It means they want water. Why? Because they just do -like you like your sippy cup sometimes. Where my sippy cup now Mama? Where Daddy car Mama? Daddy's car is at work with him. Why? Because he drives his car and Mommy drives her car. Where we go now Mama? Take Sissy to soccer? I watch Sissy soccer?Where my new puppy dog? Xin like my new puppy dog? I need book now Mama. We almost there now Mama?" And on and on and on..... Quite adorable really and sometimes she lets me answer and sometimes she doesn't stop UNTIL I answer but none-the-less she NEVER stops! Sam pipes up from the back seat trying to spell to me the word- ANNOYING. Little does he know that he and Julia both NEVER stopped talking. Fast forward 2 hrs and I am sitting in a little 12 inch chair, that barely fits my 44 yr old fanny, listening to the orientation at Jaida's Mother's Morning Out program. My other 2 kids had this same teacher and I am struck by the realization that I have done this 8 yrs ago with Julia and 4 with Sam. Time flies- and soon I will be here no longer. I have moved from being a 1st time Mommy at pre-school to a 1st time Mom of a pre-teen! So I will try to cherish those sweet little, as Sam tried to spell it, sometimes annoying, never ending questions, knowing they WILL end and I will move on from this phase of life. Little blessings sometimes get buried in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it is those we must try to savor and thank God for because they are what make life-life! SO, thank you Lord for all those little "quirks" that seem unimportant yet fill so much of our days as mothers of young children. How boring life would be without them!

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