Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thanksgiving Photos

Will always smokes a turkey and it is delicious!!!! Great job again! Thanksgiving is also not complete without football? So, out to the front yard they went after dinner and a game ensued-even Aunt LeeLee played! Just so it is perfectly clear that our home did NOT have the picture-perfect magazine look, the not-so-lived-in look..........ta-da..chaos- AKA good ole lived-in, lotsa fun and love goin on and memories being made! Note the dog pen in there too-he still "pottys" in the house so hence the pen! Last but not least, all month long starting November 1st, we each say what we are thankful for that day. In the past I have just written these on note cards or fall leaves and put them in a basket but this year we put them all up on a tree I made for our pantry door. Wow! Look at all we have to be thankful for. It was a great way for the kids, and parents too, to "see" how we are truly blessed!!!

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