Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Feet Darlin"

I just LOVE 3yr old speech! Julia and Sam both had trouble with "s" blends and Jaida is following suit! She talks constantly and these are some of the cute things that come out of her mouth:
"Hi feet darlin"-when talking to her babies-sweet darling
"Xinny have frinkles on he cake!"-That would be sprinkles
"What mulls?"- smells
"Dat reawwy mart!"-that is really smart
"You no mind me you get a fankin!"-again to her babies-spanking
" I get have feshel time with Mommy!"-special
"Please I have a foon?"-one guess-used with soup or ice cream
" First I have to fit my toofpaste out."-that would be spit and toothpaste
It is made even cuter because her little mouth is just so darn cute-her teeth(which are surely going to need braces), her tongue and those beautiful lips.....Oh I could just eat it all up. I must kiss it a thousand times a day!!!!!! I dread the day when correct grammar and speech make their way into her repertoire because it is just so priceless!!!!!!

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