Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The De-throning of a Princess

Well, it is inevitable. It IS going to happen. It won't be pretty. There will be some tears. But it is coming and there is no stopping it now. Jaida is going to have some adjustments with her new brother arriving in just a few days. Jaida is the baby of the family and will remain in that position, so that is a good thing. Jaida is in all reality...... the Princess of the family too(nobodys fault but ours). She likes the attention she gets from practically everybody- she is quite a bit younger than Julia and all her friends and even Sam and his friends, so they really make over her. She gets attention too because she looks different from the rest of our family. And to be quite honest she gets attention because, in this Mommy's opinion, she is DARN cute! And her personality..... she is a spitfire......she is precocious......she is engaging. But there is a new fella that might steal some of that attention and scramble to make himself a Prince. Watch out Xin....you will have a fight on your hands for that crown.Oh boy, we are in trouble.

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