Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

This is a few days late as my darn old back went out and I have been laying flat for the past couple of days and feeling as if I was in labor without an epidural! I think I have turned the corner and can now come back to the land of the living, moving and breathing. I have a GREAT chiropractor and it was such a God thing" how I ended up as his patient. He works magic and prays for you too!!! Can't beat that combo!

Anyway, we went to the lake this weekend and it was Xin's first time. He had a ball. What is not to love-water, boats, toys galore and food enough to feed an army. Oh yeah, and attention from Nana and Poppy. I can't believe he has only been home for a month. He is really very adaptable and has continued to do well. He even saw a parade of over 500 motorcycles that go through the small town that my parents live near. Very patriotic and he came back waving an American flag!The princess in her private poolThe girls enjoying the lakeChecking out what a lake really is and thinking about maybe going in.

Sam is in!

Ollie enjoying the view of the lake from the deck-see small brown fury head screen right?

He is in and he is loving it!!!

My sweet big girl!

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