Monday, August 9, 2010

Where did the summer go?

Why is it that summer just zooms by? Well actually time itself just seems to fly by these days. School starts ridiculously early around here and even though we home school the TK's (teeny kids) do go to preschool. I love this program that is 1 mile from my house. Honestly, I need the break from my precious little people(is that terrible of me to say), my BK's (big kids) need a break from the TK's and they need a break from each other. So off they went to preschool today. I originally had them in 2 days a week in the same class. I quickly switched that upon arriving home from China..... they now go 3 days a week and to separate classes. Jaida is in pre-k3 and Xin pre-k4. I was worried how Xin would do without his Mei Mei but he did great. He relies so much on her, almost as if they are twins and I truly think he needs to establish his own identity. Julia and Sam started today too and we think we are really going to like our curriculum this year, at least after day 1 all is well. They said they LOVED their teacher-aka Mommy, she was AWESOME!!!! I/we truly love homeschooling and hope that it continues to work for us. Julia started 7th grade and Sam 3rd. It is such a joy to share my day with them. The TK's are going to have their own little workbooks and they are so excited about doing them with the BK's! Let's hope that enthusiasm remains!!!!! Here are a few pics from today, note the lovely garage backdrop in the one photo. I was in a hurry and had forgotten to get the shot of the 2 together. Oh well, the faces are too darn cute!!!!!

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