Sunday, January 16, 2011

The simple joys of a 4 year old

In all her pretty "princessness"!

Off to a basketball game and off to a princess party!

Yesterday Jaida went to her good friend Mason-Kate's long awaited and much anticipated birthday party. She had her outfit picked out for over a week and asked constantly, "How many more days to the princess party?" My parents gave her this outfit for Christmas and she thought/thinks it is absolutely the MOST beautiful thing ever! She wanted to wear it to the party along with her "smooth tights" as she calls them and her "high heels" aka church shoes-Mary Jane's which have about a 1/4 of an inch heel to them. She wanted to wear her hair down with the flower headband that came with the outfit, tutu, or as she calls it her "choo choo". She put her Sleeping Beauty lip gloss on and grabbed her purse and the present and off we went. She never stopped talking the entire ride there. She asked me 3 times,"Are we late?" to which I assured her we were right on time! A fabulous time was had by all...thank you Mason-Kate! I asked her as we were leaving if she had fun and she said, "Yes, but 1 thing, it was tooooo short!"

It is so neat to be able to see and enjoy her "4 yr oldness". It was just yesterday Julia was this age and yet yesterday I sent her off on a bus for a basketball game in Spartanburg SC without us there. And she certainly wouldn't dream of wearing a big pink flower on top of her head now! Each age holds its magic moments that we must find and capture. The business of life these days just seems to rob us of this at times but when we can see them and relish in them and hold them in our hearts we experience the true simple joys and the real meaning of life. I love you my sweet Jaida Ruth! Thank you for giving Mommy the gift of that day through your eyes.

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