Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Easter Bunny

This was the conversation that ensued on the 1 mile drive to preschool this morning:
Xin: "My feet are growing Mommy?"

Me: "Yes"

X: "Mei Mei your feet are growing and you need that Easter Bunny to bring you some new flip flops." (In the past E.B. has brought Jaida flip flops in her basket)

Jaida: "Well, my feet still need to grow more Xin."

X: "Mei Mei, are the Easter Bunnies (note the plural) allowed in the stores?"

J:"No Xin he have those shoes at he house."

X:"I talkin bout like Target and Wal-Mart?"

J:"No, Easter Bunny has all that stuff at he house."

End of conversation.

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