Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LID..... and "stuff"

In the adoption world there are all kinds of letters and numbers. You learn very quickly what they mean and which ones you like seeing.We like these 3...... We are LID! Yes, Log-In-Date. August 18th we were logged into the Chinese "system", which means our papers are being processed! Next we wait for LOA..Letter of Acceptance, then Article 5, then TA...Travel Approval, then CA....consulate appointment, then numbers-these are the ones we LOVE to see...dates of departure and flight numbers! Yes, we still have a ways to go and a lot of letters and numbers still to get through but we are 1 step closer to holding Lulu and we like that a lot!

Other things have been going on around here such as:

A VERY fun trip to Seabrook with our wonderful friends the Drafts-no pics at this time as they were taken on other camera and I can't find cord to download them. Julia did put them on Facebook-thanks sweet girl! A great time was had by ALL!!!! Thank you Drafts Family!!!!

School for the "littles" and all smiley faces on our daily conduct-woohoo-now if we could just do that at home:)

Soccer in full swing with the big Aiken Cup this weekend...we should either have part of the hurricane or 100 degree heat indexes...hmmmm which would be better?

The "bigs" start home school next week so we have been organizing lockers, gathering supplies and yes...getting excited to start! Which means they must have an awesome teacher:)

Cousin Anna and Mimi came to visit and we loved having them with us!

Will has been working a TON!!!!! We aren't really sure what he looks like anymore?

I have actually made some adorable dresses, if I do say so myself, following a pattern. A new thing for me, patterns that is, but they turned out cute and so now I think I will do more. Oh wait, that might take some free time and I am not sure there will be much of that starting next week.

So, LID we have and now we can start the prayers for LOA!!!!! Hang in there Lulu......we are coming! Oh, and guess where we were on the 18th when they logged us in????? THE BEACH!!!! Seeing a pattern???????


  1. So sounds like you will be spending your Christmas in China this year!

  2. Congratulations on your LID. Sounds like you are incredibly busy right now!