Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thoughts...very random thoughts!

So I have had so many things just spinning through my head lately..... to do lists, things to finish, things to get, things not to forget, school work to finish up, ball practices, emails to return, etc..... I feel like I might just jump off the nearest tall building! But I have had a lot of thoughts lately too. So here they are in no particular order:

I can't wait to hold my baby
I can't wait to hear her laugh-hopefully she will laugh at some point on the trip
Can I make it out of the house without bursting into tears while saying goodbye to the "Littles"
I can't wait for those breakfast buffets!
I can't wait to see what God has in store for us when we visit the orphanage
I want to glorify Him while we are there
I am looking forward to time with my "Bigs" for a few days
I am going to miss my "Littles' terribly
Will Lulu cry, scream, shut down, throw tantrums
Will this trip and adjustment be as hard as Xin's
Lord, please hold me up if it is!!!
Will Lulu like us
Will I forget some important paper we need in China
I can't wait to kiss Lulu's chubby cheeks
Will I be able to leave that orphanage without taking multiple children with me
Did I mention the breakfast buffets
I can't wait to ride the train thru the China countryside
Are Lulu's feet really clubbed
Is jet-lag going to kick my fanny again
What will the new normal look like
I am so excited!!!!!
I am scared
I dread the 16 hr plane ride...oh please let my TV and light work this time
I hate those small HARD beds
Can't wait to try some spicy Hunan food
I don't want Lulu to be frightened
Will she let me comfort her
Will Jaida do ok without Mommy
Will Xin miss us...oh how I hope he does
Will my parents, bless their souls, be able to survive the "Littles"
I get teary thinking of the reunion of our family in Columbia on the 8th
Did I write everything down my parents might need
What if the ants come back....we get ants sometimes
Will all of our luggage make it
Hopefully nobody will get sick
I can't wait to kiss Lulu's nubby little fingers
Will this really be our last child...holy cow...I would have never guessed 3 adoptions!
I want to enjoy this time in China
I want to stop worrying about ALL the little details
I have to change diapers again...and wash 46!
Will Lulu be scared to death of the dogs...they are a trip by the way, the 2 of them!
Is the train station going to be hard to navigate without a guide and all our stuff
I am excited about Hong Kong
Will Lulu look the same as her pictures
Will Jaida REALLY be ok
Just the thought of homeschooling when we get home kicks my fanny
Are we bringing enough gifts for the kids at the orphanage
I can't wait to go back to Lucy's (restaurant in Guangzhou)
Will we still be able to get a "red couch" photo
I am going to have 5 kids!!!!!!
I am so BLESSED to have 5 kids!!!!!!!
I am so scared to have 5 kids!!!!!!!!
Did I print out all the directions from Mapquest my parents might need
Am I leaving enough meals so my poor Mom doesn't have to cook too much
We are missing Xin's bday (celebrating before we leave.... but still...guilt)
Sam will turn 10 while in China, I hope it is a good day
Will it be utter chaos when we get home...I don't function well in chaos
I think it will be utter chaos for awhile
Oh yeah...another growth opportunity for me
Will I "feel" God when I need Him
Did God really call us to this...or did I just imagine it
Seriously can't wait to kiss her cheeks
I almost forgot to leave the trash pick up schedule..and the recycle
Will I be able to have my much needed morning quiet time again...maybe not for awhile
God will understand ...I will steal some semi-quiet moments when I can
I get to hold my baby in 18 days...less because they are 13 hours ahead
2 weeks from now I will be sitting on the plane....8 hours down, 8 more to go
I think I will have a glass of wine on the plane, maybe it will help me sleep?
8 months ago I saw her face for the 1st time, 8 more months without a family
In 18 days we will have her in our arms forever, our Louisa will be with her family

I have to stop now because it really never ends, my brain and its endless chatter, this is just a sampling. Are you tired? I am.


  1. Amy you are PRECIOUS! I love this! It is a PERFECT example of a momma about to get on a plane to bring home her baby!!!!! Of course you have all those things running through your mind! Of course you do! But the great thing? God's got it! Every answer to every question. And when you get home and look back, you will see His unmistakable faithfulness, grace, and mercy that is covering you during these next few weeks of preparation and travel.
    This is one of my most favorite posts EVER!
    I am so excited for yall...and will be praying for you even more!
    Wish I could meet up with you at Starbucks in GZ again. Can you believe that was almost FIVE years ago? Sigh.
    One day we have GOT to coordinate these adoptions again, ok?

  2. We can all feel you. It will be okay - even when it's hard - it will still be okay. Because God is faithful. Always faithful!