Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet little crooked feet

Today we saw the orthopedist. Since May 31st of last year we have wondered what was actually wrong with those cute little feet. We now know. Mild clubbed feet. We have a treatment plan too. We go next Tuesday for her 1st set of casts. Followed by probably 5 additional castings done weekly until the feet are in the correct position. Surgery to lengthen the tendon is a real possibility after that with 3 more weeks of casts. Total....looking at about 10 weeks of casts. Just in time for swimming season!!! Braces in her shoes to follow and sleeping with a very comfortable, I am sure, bar between her feet for...oh a long time. But her prognosis is very good. Praising God for clarity tonight and a "game plan". Please, if you feel led, pray for Lulu that she would not be in any pain, that she would adapt yet again to another set of changes, and that by God's healing power she will respond well and quickly to the casting. We love this little girl to pieces and think pink fiberglass casts up to her thighs will only make her more squeezable!

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  1. This is so good to know. And you know she will do great - kids are WAY more tough about this stuff than we adults. LOL.