Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cast Free!!!!!

 Although her casts have never really slowed her down....yes, she loves standing in the basket, and climbing and cruising and climbing,

 and the pink "Uggs" were really pretty cute...a bit smelly at this point,

it was time for those things to go....... this is my baby's straight left foot,

  and this....this is my baby's once "bad" right foot that is now flat and straight! And she is proud of them both!!!!

 She has already tested these new "puppies" out. And keeps asking where the casts went???

 And then it was bath time, real bath time, like IN the bathtub bath time.

So she really tested them out and kicked and kicked and kicked those precious straight feet. She was filled with joy and I couldn't get her out!!!! (notice the tan line)

Oh the absolute joy of seeing those feet for the first time in over 8 weeks! I cried! They look beautiful!! And they appear to be working beautifully too! Such a simple fix really but so unobtainable for an orphan. My heart is overflowing with thanks tonight to my God who would NOT let me/us stay in our comfort zone. He pushed and pulled until we obeyed. And this is the end result of obedience....a happy, smart, beautiful, funny, clever baby girl with the cutest feet I have ever seen! Thanks be to you oh God!


  1. Love the thoughts you shared at the end! And yes, I agree, Lulu has some pretty cute little toes!

  2. This is beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!