Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Beauty Shop

It is one of those toys. Ya know the ones that you think, "Oh no, that is just going to take up space, lots of space, and no one is ever going to play with it!" Julia received this as a gift form Will's parents when she was a little tot. And I thought that exact sentiment. "It is big. It is plastic. It is pink and purple. She will never play with that!" I was so wrong. She did play with it. As has every child since. Even the boys. And the neighbors. And the visitors. All the kids. Years later it is still a draw. My little girls love it. In fact, it was my big Saturday night entertainment this evening. I know, I need to get a life! But instead I got my hair and make up done by two adorable raven haired beauties. No other place I would want to be. Julia no longer plays with the beauty shop...sigh! But it seems like just yesterday she did! But now my sweet almond-eyed daughters are tucked warmly into their beds and my first baby and I are going to watch a chick flick. And I think I will live it up large and have a glass of wine! Enjoy your Saturday night!

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