Saturday, June 29, 2013

Above the noise

We live in a little enclave of houses on a double cul-de-sac set back from a fairly busy street. When we looked at the lot years ago one thing stuck out. Just next door was a church. And with that church came church bells. As we contemplated purchasing it, praying through it, I heard the bells. I knew right then and there it was ours. We used money my sweet grandmother, who had passed away before this, had given us to make the down payment. I believed she would have loved the bells. She was an inspiration to me in my faith journey growing up. She always had a little devotion or two laying next to her bed on her nightstand. And her faith was simple but real. A treasured memory for me. Back to the bells...... I enjoy sitting out on our back porch each morning having my quiet time. I get up early and the busy road which runs behind our backyard is quiet at the early hour. As time advances, the cars start to move and the noise builds. This morning as I sat enjoying the still cool air and reflecting and praying about our upcoming mission trip, I heard the bells. I knew it was God confirming and reassuring. I closed my eyes and listened to each chime. Some were loud and clear...and then a car would go by and all but drown out the bells. If I listened very carefully, I could still FAINTLY hear them. They were there, just hard to hear. And it was good.

How often do we miss what God is saying to us because of the "noise" in our lives? What have I missed by not straining to hear Him? He is there. Always. We just have to tune our ears to Him, not the noise of the world...which at times is just so LOUD isn't it? And what if we don't strain our ears to hear? We miss it don't we? And those bells...are so lovely. They are perfectly pitched and timed and rhythmic. And the "noise"...well it is NOT. It is loud and harsh and not very ordered. So I was reminded today to LISTEN. Listen for His voice, His leading, His peace. Even if I have to strain to hear it, it is there. Always there. Just like those bells always chime. And what a smile they bring to my heart...unlike the noise of the cars. May you hear the bells today and know He is always there, always wanting to speak to us, always wanting to be heard above the noise.

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