Friday, August 2, 2013

They are there!

I heard from our guide last night, that as of 2 days ago those sweet baby girls are in Beijing! We are praising God for moving mountains and providing a place for them to go and to get the help they need. I think I mentioned on here before, but one of the big lessons of my trip was that "I" can do nothing to help the 147 million orphans of the world. I am one small person. I felt so utterly helpless. I prayed for His help, knowing He loved them more than I did. I prayed for mountains to be moved and He did just that!

Another element to this story that I must include, is the fierce sense of loyalty I felt toward Charlotte's birth mother. If you remember from an earlier post, 8 month old Charlotte had only been at the orphanage for 2 months. When Julia first picked her up, she turned as if to breast feed. It startled me and broke my heart. This baby had a mother that breastfed her and more than likely loved her. She probably abandoned  her when her heart condition became evident with her blue color and labored breathing. It was probably her only choice. She probably thought it was her daughter's only chance at life. If she left her, the orphanage might be able to provide surgery, she might live. This precious mother was willing to give up her child for the chance to give her life. Can you imagine having to make that choice? As I watched my first born daughter hold this daughter of an unknown Chinese mother, my heart ached. I can't imagine the pain I would feel if I had had to give up the child I loved and cared for and held for 6 months. I decided right then that I had to fight for this baby and for this mother. I could not let this mother's unselfish love and last chance hope for her daughter die. But again, I am just a housewife from America, in a country I didn't speak the language, with 2 governments and lots of red tape between them, what could I do? Enter my BIG God! He took our meager and desperate efforts of sending emails and praying and turned them into a chance at life for these girls. I wish I could find that Chinese mother and tell her that her daughter is in wonderful, loving, Christian hands and that her selfless act was not wasted and did not go unnoticed. I wish I could wrap my arms around her and hold her and cry with her. More than anything I wish I could tell her how much God loves her and her daughter.

These little girls' life stories have only just begun, I hope and pray. We don't know the prognosis or the specifics for surgery yet. But, I do know the One who holds them, and He is mighty. May He continue to show favor and mercy upon these little souls. May He grant healing through surgery. May He place them in loving families. May He do the impossible by human standards and in His mysterious ways somehow grant peace to that unknown Chinese mother's heart. These things I pray, Lord.

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