Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Madness!

I don't know about you but May is 1000 times busier than December!
With 5 kids, 3 different schools, activities, clubs, sports, etc, each having a celebration, awards day, ceremony, program... it is CraZy!
Here is how it all came out.
(remember this is my blog and my way of preserving our memories and what transpired in our lives)
We will start with the littlest family member.
Lulu came a LONG way this year in Pre-K.
From screaming and clinging to me at drop off to LOVING her new friends!
Socially, she is right on track now! WHEW!!!
She actually learned ALL her colors, shapes, numbers and letters...well "G" still trips her up. Sweet girl!
She was so excited to receive her "award", Pre-K Certificate!
She sat through all 4 older kids' Honors Days and now it was her turn!
She had Will, myself, Julia and Sam there cheering her on!
Gotta LOVE those teeny tiny wooden chairs!

 All 3 of my Littles had Mrs. Wright. We LOVE her!

Lulu also did "gymnastics" this spring.
She got a "necklace" and was soooo proud of it!
I was amazed at how well she did.
Her physical issues didn't stop her at all! She can do ANYTHING!

Next up is JAIDA:
Jaida is very smart and a very hard worker. She is also very conscientious.
She did exceptionally well in school.
Jaida was awarded
Distinguished Scholar-all A's all year long
Outstanding Conduct
Sign Language Club participant-love that she actually can communicate to the hearing impaired!
IB Profile Award-this is a character award that was voted on by the class. So VERY proud that my baby girl has outstanding character and that it is recognized.

 Jaida got to "loop" with this FANTASTIC teacher for 1st and 2nd grade! SO blessed by her!
Sweet Ms. Jenn the sign language teacher.

Jaida also participated in tumbling this spring.
She came a long way and I was so proud of how hard she worked to perfect items outside of class.
Way to go Jaida Ruth!

Xin received
Distinguished Scholar-all A's all year long
Outstanding Conduct
Art Club participant-Xin is an AMAZING artist and I love seeing what he creates!

Jaida and Xin will be leaving their current school and attending the same school as Julia and Sam next year. So a little bittersweet as they departed for the last time!

Sam returned to school this year for 7th grade.
He had been homeschooled since 2nd grade.
I was a little "nervous" about how he would transition into middle school.
Silly me!
Sam received
High Honors-a 93 or above average all year long!!
Academic Honors in English-the highest average in the class
Special Honors-PE
50 Mile Club-he ran 50+ miles for the year in PE
Faculty Award 7th Grade-this is a character award given by the faculty. This was also accompanied by a wonderful note written to him. Again, I am so thankful my son  has outstanding character!

Sam also enjoyed playing soccer for the middle school team.
He won the Cavalier Award.

Special Honors-Superior work in Ceramics-I have been the lucky recipient of her work!!!! She is GOOD!!!
Special Honors-Superior work in Physics
Special Honors-Superior work in US History
Bronze Medal winner in the National Spanish Exam
Furman University Scholar- in recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement
Presbyterian College Fellow-in recognition of superior scholastic attainment
She was also elected to the Honor Council for the second year.

The Varsity girls soccer team claimed the state title again!
The team also set a school record of 110 goals in a season!!! WOW!
Julia won
All Region
All State
Offensive MVP with 23 goals and 23 assists in the season, setting a new school record for assists!!!

So it was a pretty good month in our house!
 Will and I are proud of each of our kids and their accomplishments...but mostly their character.
We love you guys!
Keep up the hard work!!!
And now... it is SUMMERTIME!!!


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