Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Break, Another Birthday and LOTS of pictures!

I love fall break.
I know they haven't been in school long but it is such a nice change of pace.
This was a our last year together for fall break(because someone has to go off to college next year) so we made it a good one!!
We started it off by heading to the mountain of SC for some apple picking and a fabulous lunch!

After returning home we celebrated Will's birthday with some gifts and a "homemade" cake!

 Also Blazen's birthday!

The next day we headed to my parent's house for the rest of the weekend.
We went to a Chili Cook-off and an arts/crafts festival in town.

We got back just in time to grill out and watch the UGA game.
Maybe the outcome of that game wasn't so good but to remedy that we built a fire and made smores!

The next day we headed to a horse farm that has 230 horses, a restaurant, bed and breakfast and riding trails.
We just walked around enjoying these amazing animals!

We then went to Rock Eagle for a picnic and some "hiking"

Back to the lake for some playing and another fire and a glass of wine!

Holding onto these times and making memories I will treasure forever made this a fabulous and too short weekend as I watched 4 of my 5 kiddos drive off to school this morning.
Now...when is Thanksgiving Break?????

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