Sunday, November 22, 2015

Soccer and My Girl

She has been playing soccer since she was 4.
A little thing with bright blond hair running down the fields.
She started off in the church leagues and rec leagues.
Playing her little heart out.
She dreamed of playing Division 1 college soccer.
People told us she really needed to be playing club soccer.
We resisted as long as we could because the commitment was so huge.
Finally, in the 6th grade, we made the move to club soccer.
Since that time, she has been to thousands of practices, played in hundreds of games across the southeast, won umpteen tournaments, played in 105 degree weather and sleet and snow, gotten cuts, bruises, bumps, lumps, concussions, black eyes, made wonderful friends, learned life long lessons and become an amazing soccer player.
My Girl.
Yesterday I watched her play her last club soccer game.
An end to an era.
Oh, this Senior stuff is hard!
As I watched her cross that field one last time after the game, my heart was full.
No longer a little girl with shin guards too big, but a beautiful, strong young woman who worked her heart out to reach her dream.
What a joy it has been to watch her play all these years.
All the time and money and miles driven were worth it all.
I am so proud of My Girl.
And now a new era begins...
And she will live her dream
I can't wait to watch her play.......

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