Saturday, April 16, 2016

Playing catch up....Basketball awards in March

I guess with Facebook and Instagram the quickness of posting moments is so much easier that I haven't been as good about updating here. But my kids love to look back and read this so I am going to try to catch up on life.

Basketball season came to a close in late Feb.
Sam's middle school team didn't have that great of a record but he enjoyed playing with his friends and getting really good at the game.
He is taller than me now and pretty much doesn't look like a little boy anymore...sigh.

 Sam and his best friend Charlie and his Coach.
Sam was awarded the Cavalier Award!
I was quite impressed with how good he has become.
And he LOVES the game!!

Julia's team surprised everyone and went further than expected in the region play off tournament finishing 3rd and heading to the state tournament!

That meant though that the Lady Cavaliers had to play the 2 time defending state champs in the first round.
4-1/2 hours away! Yikes!
I was able to get all stars aligned on the homefront and made the trip to see her play what I thought would be her last game.
It was.
They played phenomenally well and only got beat by a few points.
It was so sad to watch my #10 out there knowing that would be her last competitive game.
It was heartbreaking for her....and me too.
So glad I went!
 Senior captains one last time
Making a free throw!
My baby in tears.

 Julia and Ruthie also a Senior
Nana and Poppy made the long trip too!

All cleaned up and looking beautiful!
 Award winners.
Julia won All-Region and MVP Player of the Year
She REALLY had a great year!
She was also voted by our local Columbia County Times newspaper as All County Second Team.
Then  voted by  the Augusta Chronicle as All Area GISA First Team.
A great way to finish her basketball career!
Oh how I will miss that blond ponytail on the court next year.

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