Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A different kind of crown for the princess!

Ok, so Jaida has had a HARD time lately! To say the least. This new brother thing has just rocked her "princess world". Friday night we were excited to go to some friends house for a cookout. Julia had to call to say we would be a little late-Jaida had a train stuck in her head. Thomas the Train to be exact! Here are the pictures of our unhappy Princess and the desperate attempt to save the hair and undo the wad wrapped and twisted around Thomas and his motorized wheel.

A close up of the train/crown.

A full blown family affair as you can see. It did come out, along with a wad of hair, but not too bad considering. She doesn't have alot of hair as it is poor thing and a princess needs her tresses!!! Thomas on the other hand did not fair as well. We had to pry the wheel off to save the hair and now Thomas doesn't move. He has already been replaced with strict instructions NEVER to run a moving train in your hair again! Who would have thought? Jaida sweety, we love you to pieces anyway!!!!!!

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