Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Much

Well, there hasn't been much going on around here lately. Dare I say, we are a bit.....bored? Gosh, we are either in high gear or we are bored? Doesn't seem right. The weather turned warm very quickly, like mid 80's and the trees, flowers, and grass popped out......along with the pollen. That yucky yellow -green stuff that covers EVERYTHING like a blanket of snow was out in full force causing me to reach for the allergy medication. Got us all a little excited and gave us Spring Fever. Alas, the weather turned COLD and rainy and I have been donning fleece and we have a small lake in our backyard. Soccer has been repeatedly cancelled due to the rain and storms. Will, is BUSY at work with the tournament coming up so we don't see much of him these days. The kids have finished their math programs and some of our other subjects are winding down too. We even worked ahead in our reading and have finished our book series. SO, we feel a little slump-like. Is that a word? I guess I could be doing some projects or even some Spring cleaning but that doesn't seem to interest me too much. BUT.......we are going to the beach on Friday for a mini Spring Break. We will have to leave poor Daddy behind to do all the tournament stuff he does but the rest of us are looking forward to some beach time. When we return, the kids and I will go out to the tournament a few times and hope to catch a glimpse of Daddy! We are dying to use our new pool! We had a pool put in at the end of the summer last year and only got to use it about 3 weeks before it got too cold. We also have some more out of town soccer games when we return so I am sure life and all its craziness will pick back up. I should cherish these down days, huh? I think we all got a little taste of the warm weather and were ready for a change only to be slung back into winter and its bleakness. When life gets back to full speed I am SURE I will look back at this post and say, "Bored? Really?"

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