Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time For Some CUTENESS!

Ok, so I just can't stop thinking about my baby way across the world. She had a bad heat rash and I so want to go snatch her up and give her a cool bath and slather all kinds of good cream on that little body. Then snuggle her in a rocking chair and sing to her and rock her to sleep. All while I inhale that sweet freshly bathed baby smell. Oh.......the waiting is so very hard! I keep hearing "things" about the long wait times for approvals and LID and TA and.... oh my! Why? Why do I do this to myself? I can't control any of this, especially when you have 2 different governments involved. So why don't I just trust in GOD? Why don't I let Him have this and know He loves Louisa more than I do and He will bring her home to us when His timing is perfect? Why? I will keep praying. I will keep giving it to Him. And then I am sure I will try to take it back again because in my human mind and heart I think by researching dates, and reading blogs and charts, etc, that I can do better than God. So for now, I will pray for my little Lulu and gaze at her cuteness in the pictures we have received so far! I thought you might want to share in that cuteness too!


  1. She is so precious! I am jealous of all of these updates you are getting! ;)
    Soon we will have our sweet girls home!

  2. She is adorable Amy! I know you cannot WAIT!