Monday, June 6, 2011

A Week at the Beach

This is where we stayed...boy did we love those porches!
My sweet beautiful big girl!

Xin was really good at hitting the ball.

Jaida and Xin played on this slide over and over and over.

Love these kids!

Everyone gets around by golf carts on the island-our big hunker of a cart!

This was at the end of the island at sunset.

They truly adore each other!

At sunset.

We watched until the sun went "down".

My babies...aren't they cute?!?!

There was NO beach at high tide!

The other end of the island.

This is my favorite picture!

Sheer Joy!

Feeding the deer that were everywhere.

This was in the front yard.

From the rooftop deck.

We just returned from a week at the beach with Will's family. We had 14 in all staying in one very large and very beautiful house on Fripp Island SC. We had a wonderful time! Way too many pictures but I couldn't help myself....sorry!

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