Sunday, October 30, 2011

That's why......

I know our decision to adopt for the 3rd time was tough for some to swallow. Some didn't understand. Some worried. Some thought/think we are crazy. But it is times like tonight...... carving pumpkins........ This was a wonderful, cute, fun memory making event with Julia and Sam. I loved it! But when I see my 2 dark-headed beauties bent over their pumpkins, giddy with excitement, I catch my breath. The tears sting my eyes. It takes on a whole new meaning. They would never have done this had they stayed in their past environment. What would their lives had been like? I watch as they stand back and marvel at their creations. Excitement builds for the big candy seeking night that is upon us. Thank you Lord for these precious souls you led us to. To watch them live lives filled with love and belonging is enough to melt my heart...every time! And that is why we did it again.


  1. AMEN!! Wait until you see all Lulu can do. If she is even the littlest bit like Amelie NOTHING is going to stop her.