Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Flowers

We have been talking as a family about how beautifully God decorated the world. Our assignment was to notice all the ways God gave us sights, sounds, smells, touches, etc and to thank Him for them. I had had a particularly hard week and so my run on Friday was my therapy with God. I felt His presence and His love with me that morning. My heart has really been aching for my baby and I just worry about her and want her here with us. As I finished, I walked around the cul-de-sac to catch my breath. We have a small neighborhood with just 8 houses and 2 empty lots. On one of the lots a lovely orange flower decided to bloom and I noticed it earlier in the week. I thanked God for it that day and shared with my family how pretty it was amongst the other not so pretty vacant lot "stuff". This day as I neared my orange "friend" I noticed several splotches of color. As I looked closer, I noticed there were 5 flowers now. 4 of them were on a single stem and 1 was on a separate stem off by itself. All 5 were beautiful and thriving, just separate. I knew instantly that was God's reassurance that my baby was ok, beautiful and thriving, just not with us right now. She is blooming where she is planted for now and I will have to trust Him to care for her until we can bring her home. I just love how God is "into" details. Isn't He amazing!

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