Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1 year ago today......

On January 30, 2012 we found ourselves in a civil affairs office in Changsha, China waiting for the arrival of our 5th child. She came to us wrapped in 5 layers of clothing, the top layer being a puffy red silk suit that made her look like she weighed 40 lbs.

She had no idea what was happening. Poor baby.

She was scared. And oh she was mad.

We got back to the hotel and undressed her and underneath all that.... was a tiny 20 lb baby. 
She was so sad.
My heart broke for her.
She did not know we loved her.
She did not know it was all for the better.
She was 21 months old but more like a 9 month old really.
Her little crooked and gnarled feet could barely hold her up.
She was only semi-mobile with a scooting kind of crawl.
She was deathly quiet.
She did not smile or laugh.

Slowly, her personality began to blossom.
 And today, 1 year later, she is still a tiny little thing,18 mo. size, but tiny only in stature.
She is HUGE in personality and filled with life.
She laughs.
She is always smiling.
She never stops talking.
And those precious feet....all fixed.
She runs, jumps, gallops, dances her way through the day.
She tells me "I not baby, I Lulu"
Or the latest, "I not baby, I princess."
Yes my dear daughter, you ARE a princess!

Puffy red silk suit....1 year later!

She thought the split pants were so funny!

No more tears.
A happy baby.
A very loved baby.

We can't imagine our family without her. But what if we had missed this blessing? God asked us to step out in faith and adopt again. Not my plan. Not what I thought I would be doing at 47 years old. But oh, so much better! This child is a constant reminder to me what faith can do. What obedience to Him looks like. It doesn't usually make sense, the things He asks of us. But we must trust and obey. And watch the blessings flow freely into our lives.

Happy Forever Family Day my sweet Lulu! I love you, we love you, beyond words!

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  1. Great post, Amy! Your last words are so true. I feel so sorry for those who are missing out on all of these rich blessings. I thank God daily that He called us to adopt - again and again and again and again. I hate to think of what our lives would look like had we not obeyed those calls! Lulu is precious. Being with her on our recent visit, makes me long for Dawson all the more: )