Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Few Less Accessories

So we are sporting a few less accessories in our house this week....and that's a good thing!

After a year and a half of braces and a huge wad of metal on the roof of his mouth to fix a cross bite.......

Sam has BEAUTIFUL straight teeth! Oh my they look soooooo good! He came straight home and took a huge bite out of an apple! Ha!

And little Miss Lulu.....

This HUGE club of a cast (note cute little thumb peaking out on right side).....

Is now just a souvenir !

And beautiful new fingers have emerged! 
Ok, maybe the fingers aren't as beautiful as the teeth... with the stitches still partially in and the swelling and redness surrounding those little appendages but they work and they wiggle and they look a whole lot better!

Praising God for LESS this week!

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