Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surgery for our littlest Princess

Lulu had surgery today on her sweet little fingers. I have dreaded this day since we brought her home. Her hands are her hands. They are how God made them and they are beautiful to us. She uses them beautifully and without any problems. So why fix them? For the future. She will one day want them to look as "normal" as possible. And for ultimate growth as well. So after 2 reschedules we finally made it to the big day. And much to my was WAY easier than I anticipated! You see I was a bit of a freak about it, to put it mildly. But it all went very smoothly. They let me go all the way back to the "o.r." until she was under...she even laughed at my hair thingy I had to put on and told me "funny crown Mama". She puckered her big full lips and leaned up to me so I could kiss her with my mask on just before they gave her the anesthesia. Of course all of this was with the "happy juice" in her. He told us 3 hrs and it was just 1:45. No skin graft needed. And cast, BIG CAST, to remain on only 2 weeks!!!!!! He was able to separate them and release 2 of the bands. I can't believe how much different they look separated and I just know....IT WILL BE BETTER THIS WAY! She was a very angry little spicy Hunan girl at first but after coming home, she settled into the couch for movies, candy and Princess shoes. Not another fit. Even some dancing and twirling. She did NOT nap so went right out tonight. I love this baby and I am so thankful it all went well and was much better than I anticipated! I was mentally planning for a few good days of unhappiness and irritability like with the leg casts.... but not this time!
Thanking God for this child, His mercy today, successful separation, and relatively pain-free!
 See pictures below for results. 

 The "befores"

The "afters"

In all her cuteness with one large honker of a cast!

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