Sunday, January 12, 2014

This 5th Child of Mine

Lulu. Oh my! If you have enough kids sooner or later, odds have it, you will have a child do something or not do something you swore you would never have a child do or not do. Lulu is this child. This tiny, and I mean tiny, little ball of "stuff" makes our family laugh and fills our hearts with joy! 3 of the other 4 children of mine potty trained with ease or relative ease. Xin, fortunately came to us at 4 over this hurdle. I took great pride in this accomplishment of potty training my kids easily. Silly me... pride is usually not a good thing! Lulu will be 4 in April. She is NOT POTTY TRAINED! Now, this is partly my fault as sporting events spread out across the state of Georgia, PSAT tests and Chemistry finals, spelling tests and AR reading tests have pushed potty training of the littlest Hatcher to the back burner. And she truly wasn't ready. I am not sure what or why this milestone was met with such resistance, but it was. She would go ballistic when we sat her on the potty. We even purchased a cute little potty in the shape of a frog we named Francine to help with this "fear" of hers. Not having ANY part of Francine either. So......I talked up the "big day" for weeks. I told her we were going to start working on going on the potty after Christmas when all the kids went back to school. I made her pinky promise with me to try her best. Side note here...she has one sweet little pinky on her right hand that she uses for this. The day arrived and lo and behold she went twice on the first day! Tuesday and Wednesday we were back to square 1 and Thursday she never had an accident! She even went twice during "school", co-op. Now, granted she would not let her teachers help her so I had to excuse myself from teaching art class to assist with this  matter, but hey, she was GOING ON THE POTTY!!!!!! She is quite proud of herself and gets upset when she realizes she has gone in her pull-ups and the pretty design has faded, gotta love the Huggies crew for thinking up the fading design thingy! Yesterday we were frantically trying to get everyone out the door on time to watch Julia's basketball game. I just knew I had to have her go then or I would miss my oldest child's game by spending time in the lovely girls' bathroom at school. The conversation that ensued went like this:

Me: "Lulu, do you have to go potty? Let's try to go potty before we leave."
Lulu: "No. I no have to go."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Lulu: "No"
Me: "Do you want to just try."
Lulu: "Well, ok, fine."
She proceeds to head to the bathroom then stops....
Lulu: "Wait I have to check my eemo (mirror) to see if I look good." She opens her little pink sparkly box with the mirror inside and "checks" herself.
Lulu: "Yep. I look good."
Me: laughs a little...because I mean who wouldn't chuckle at this?
Lulu: Cuts her eyes at me..."Don't laugh! I a superstar!" said very firmly!

Oh my. My little superstar. You keep me on my toes. You keep me humble. You add so much joy and spirit to our home. I can't imagine our lives without you....potty trained or not!

On a side note......I visited the school restroom several times during the game with no results but a very in depth conversation about the workings of the toilet paper dispenser and the sliding door lock that just fascinated her! Thank goodness Julia's team beat their opponents by 40 points! I WILL be getting a babysitter for future games :)

Francine...wouldn't she make you want to sit awhile?

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